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Creating resilient and sustainable agri-food supply chains
20 October 2020

Welcome to Agribusiness 2021 11 November 2020

Agribusiness 2021 ConferenceOnline

Agribusiness 2021 has joined the digital airwaves this year and will be providing the same high-quality informative event that marks the history of this conference. Speakers from Government, industry and leading stakeholders within the Agri-food supply chain will present their thoughts and outlooks at this time of critical change within the sector.

The title of Agribusiness 2021 “Creating resilient and sustainable agri-food supply chains” reflects some of the opportunities and challenges that the sector currently faces. From the lasting implications of COVID 19, the continued negotiations regarding the UK Exit from the EU, agritech investment & innovation, as well as various new Agricultural and Environmental Bills that are passing through the House of Lords.

All these events have tested and will continue to test the resilience and sustainability of agri-food supply chains. These supply chains need to be robust to ensure that agriculture and food supply continue day after day, week after week to provide food for the nation in a sustainable way. This is a critical time to address resilient agri-food supply chains as well as the impact of a lack of food security.

Speakers are currently being invited to Agribusiness 2021 and so far confirmed speakers are: Nicholas Saphir, NEW Chairman of the AHDB who will be covering the forward strategy for AHDB and Fiona Smith – Professor of International Economic Law who will be covering EU Exit and current trade negotiations.

As well as the main external speakers our Chief Executive Robert Sheasby will be speaking at our event as well as our Sector Heads and Technical Managers. These speakers will be covering the key topics from an agri-supply perspective and will be a unique opportunity to hear first hand the key issues in these sectors.

With the flexibility of the digital platform this year delegates can pick and choose when they watch the presentations. There will be a full speaker programme on the day but delegates can either watch live or on the website at a later date. Some of the speakers will also run concurrently, so delegates on the day can select their most desired programme.

With the new digital flexibility, Agribusiness 2021 will deliver an enhanced programme to suite the individual needs of the registered delegates. We look forward to welcoming you to this year’s event.

John Kelley

John Kelley
Chief Operating Officer

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