Ricardo Manoel Arioli Silva

Ricardo Arioli Silva is an Agronomy Engineer and farmer in Campo Novo do Parecis since 1987;

Member of Aprosoja (Soybean Producers Association) since its foundation in 2005 where he was the Coordinator of the Commission for Socio-environmental Sustainability;

Working for FAMATO, he coordinated the 2rd and 3rd Agricultural Business Biennials in 2007 and 2009, a discussion forum focused on sustainability;

He has represented APROSOJA and FAMATO at several Congresses on farming sustainability such as: The 1st European Congress on Sustainable Soybean in 2008; the 1st Congress on Responsible soybean in China in 2009; the Brazilian Soybean Congress in Goiânia 2009; The Ag Summit Congress in the USA in 2010; Mercosoja 2011 in Argentina; among others.

He has been a speaker on Agribusiness in the State at the World Climate Conference in Bali 2007, Denmark 20909 and Rio+20 in 2012.

In November 2012, he spoke at the Seminar on the Future of Food Production in Ribeirão Preto with the presence of Kings Wilhem Alexander and Maxima of the Netherlands.

Ricardo also presents a farming news and interview program since 1995 called “Momento Agrícola” which is shown on Saturday mornings.