Sustainability challenge

Speakers for this years Agribusiness 2015 are dealing with the sustainability challenge within their organisations on an ongoing basis and have shared some of their thoughts on this topic ahead of them speaking at this year’s conference.

Suzanne Pera, Farm Inputs Analyst with Rabobank International, says: “The global agriculture industry’s capacity to meet the world’s growing food demand is being stretched at the expense of the environment. A holistic long-term approach may be the key, but there is no one-size-fits-all solution. I will be asking the question ‘What does it take to shift farmers’ focus away from yield maximisation towards input optimisation?’.”

Additionally, Richard Heathcote of the Cool Farm Alliance says: “Today there are many sustainability challenges and it is critical that we understand the impacts of everything we do. There are numerous initiatives including agri environment and compliance schemes, and standards that are pointing farmers towards positive change. In all cases we have to ask ‘Are the initiatives working?’ and ‘Are we becoming more sustainable?’